6 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Property purchases can be difficult, particularly if it’s your first time. It’s an expensive event with a lot of steps involved. Although it’s a complicated process, your Realtor or Bellarine real estate agency is a qualified expert who has probably assisted many others with similar situations. They are, therefore, an excellent source of information on purchasing Barwon Heads properties for sale.


Before you hire a Realtor, after you’ve discovered a home, when you’re prepared to make an offer, and after the seller accepts your offer, these are some crucial questions you should be asking them at every stage of the process.


Selecting the ideal Bellarine real estate agency is crucial to a successful house purchase. Before choosing one, you should interview multiple candidates to see which one best suits your needs. Ask these three important questions to everyone.


1. Do you focus on a certain kind of house or price range?


While some agents may specialize in more reasonably priced beginning houses, others may have extensive experience with deals involving pricey luxury homes. Someone who tries to show you Barwon Heads properties for sale that are too small or much over your budget is the last thing you want. It’s an excellent idea to “ask the Realtor if they specialize in the area and price point,” advises Julie Upton, a Compass Realtor in the San Francisco Bay location. Additionally, you must establish that the Realtor you are considering focuses on representing purchasers rather than sellers.


2. Are you able to provide references from clients?


Asking an agent for a few current references is a wise move, just like it is with any professional you are contemplating hiring. The information references provide will “show your Realtor’s working relationship with previous clients,” according to Warner Quiroga, founder of Prestige Home Buyers in Long Island, New York, and can assist you in deciding if they’re a suitable fit for you. Make sure to find out from the references during these talks how the Realtor handled communication, how long it took them to discover a house, how helpful the Realtor was throughout the entire process, and if they would use the realtor again.


3. Do you work as an agent full-time or part-time?


Naturally, a lot of part-time agents perform admirably. However, full-time agents typically have more under their belts regarding experience and transactions. Furthermore, a full-time agent’s only emphasis is on clients like you; this allows them to devote more time to attending to your needs. You shouldn’t have to compete with someone else for their limited attention. Likewise, if your realtor belongs to a Bellarine real estate agency, confirm that you have communicated with or know how to contact the other team members.


4. Do you see any possible problems?


When touring a house, it’s easy to overlook significant details, particularly if you’re impressed by features like the cutting-edge kitchen or the view. On the other hand, your agent views prospects more objectively. They are responsible for ensuring you know what you’re getting into and picking up on details you might miss. Nobody likes to go through the ordeal of signing a purchase and sale agreement just to have a house inspection reveal serious issues, such as a broken furnace or damaged roof.


5. How much is your commission?


This is more significant for a seller because, usually, the buyer deducts the agent’s commission from the final sale price. Typically, the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent share 6% of the sale price due at closing as the typical compensation for a real estate transaction.


However, commissions might change based on the circumstances, so it’s important to be upfront and honest with the agent about Bellarine real estate agency charges to know exactly what to anticipate.


This does not imply, however, that you should head straight for the least expensive agent. Not paying the fewest fees is your aim: making the greatest money. Working with the greatest agent you can find—rather than just the one who charges the lowest fees—will always be in your best interests in the long term. Take no shortcuts here!


6. Who will be my main contact person?


Effective communication is crucial, and one of the most annoying aspects of working with a mediocre agent is poor communication. When and who will you be able to reach? Homes sell quickly. Thus, it is unacceptable to reply to emails or texts after three days, especially if you were told to expect a three-hour response window.


Make sure you have a dedicated person who will answer your questions anytime you have them and get a guaranteed response time. Many excellent agents have a staff behind them. 




For your home buying or selling experience to be successful, you must ask your Barwon Heads properties for sale the appropriate questions. Consider their background, familiarity with the local market, and negotiating abilities. Ensure their fees and communication style are clear to guarantee a smooth process. By being well-informed and prepared, you can make confident judgments and ensure the greatest possible outcome for your real estate transaction.

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