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Asthalin Inhaler Is Helpful For Soft Asthmatic Cough

Asthalin inhaler is a fast-acting rescue medicine that relieves symptoms of asthma and COPD such as wheezing, cough, shortness of breath. It contains salbutamol, which belongs to a group of medicines called bronchodilators.

Patients should shake the inhaler well and breathe in deeply through the mouthpiece. Then they must press down on the top of the inhaler to release a spray, before breathing out slowly.


If you have asthma, you might experience coughing attacks that disrupt your daily activities or prevent restful sleep. These symptoms are a result of the inflammation and constriction of your airways. Your body’s natural response to these conditions is to cough, helping to clear mucus and other particulates from your lungs and respiratory tract. However, sometimes these symptoms can become severe enough to affect your quality of life and cause significant distress. In such cases, an asthalin inhaler cipla is helpful in alleviating these symptoms.

Asthalin 100mcg Inhaler contains the medication salbutamol, which is a fast-acting bronchodilator that helps open up your airways to make breathing easier. It treats a condition called bronchospasm, which is the narrowing of the small airways of the lungs or bronchioles in reversible obstructive pulmonary diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and bronchitis. This medication relieves symptoms including wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest.

A common symptom of asthma is wheezing, which is a squeaky sound that you make when you breathe. This is usually heard when you listen to your own breath through a stethoscope, but it can also be detected by someone else. Some people may also feel their breath becoming shallow or laboured, and they might struggle to speak or eat. Breathing difficulties can also lead to fatigue or a general feeling of low energy, which is due to the extra effort needed to breathe.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should use your inhaler right away to relieve them. The instructions on the packaging should be followed closely for best results. Typically, patients should remove the mouthpiece cover and check the inside and outside of the inhaler to ensure it is clean before each use. It is recommended to shake the inhaler and then hold it upright with the thumb on the base of the plastic actuator, below the mouthpiece. After pressing down on the mouthpiece, patients should inhale a steady stream of air for about 10 seconds, and then release the inhaler while continuing to breathe out slowly.


Inflammation in the airways is the most common cause of asthmatic cough. When there is inflammation, the muscles in the throat tighten and swell up, which causes wheezing and breathing difficulty. In addition, the lungs may produce excess mucus, which can also lead to coughing. Often, the airways become narrow, and people may experience wheezing during exercise, as well as when in a warm room or around certain foods.

The Asthalin inhaler is a short-acting bronchodilator that works to relax the muscles in the airways and widen them, making it easier to breathe. If you use it more than three or four times a day, it may mean that your asthma is not under control and you should review your medication with your doctor.

When using an asthma inhaler, you should make sure that it is clean before each use. It is recommended that you rinse the metal canister, the plastic actuator and the mouthpiece cover in tap water. You should then dry the inhaler by placing it in a warm, dry place. Do not store the inhaler near direct heat as this can cause damage to the canister.

There are many things that can trigger an asthma attack in people, including irritants like tobacco smoke and air pollution, exercise, cold or flu, and certain medications. People with allergies to pollen, pet dander or mold can experience asthma flare-ups when these triggers are present in the air. Changing the environment in your home can help reduce triggers, such as keeping the windows closed and removing items that collect dust.

Short-term relief medications work quickly to relieve symptoms and are important for treating asthma attacks. Control medicines are taken daily and reduce airway inflammation and keep the airways open. If you have asthma, you should always carry your inhaler with you in case of a severe attack.


If your cough is caused by asthma, a doctor can prescribe medicines that reduce symptoms and ease the cough. Some of these medicines are fast-acting bronchodilators that relax the muscles in your airways to make breathing easier. Others control inflammation and help prevent asthma flare-ups. Taking these medications on a daily basis can help manage your asthma and prevent coughing episodes.

Your doctor may also recommend a device called a spacer or valved holding chamber to help you breathe more effectively with your inhaler. These devices hold the medication in a tube between the inhaler and your mouth, so you can inhale slowly and more deeply. Spacers and holding chambers are available by prescription only.

Patients should take the ASTHALIN INHALER exactly as prescribed by the doctor. After using the inhaler, the patient should rinse the plastic actuator and mouthpiece with water. Make sure the inhaler is dry before re-assembling it.

After using the inhaler, it is important to wait for 30-60 seconds before breathing out. This allows the medicine to reach the small airways deep inside the lungs.

Patients should avoid exposure to things that trigger their asthma, such as house dust, pollen, pets and cigarette smoke. It is also important to get regular check-ups and have a flu shot to protect yourself from infections. If you experience a sudden onset of asthma symptoms, it is necessary to contact your healthcare provider immediately. They may also advise a combination of treatments and lifestyle changes that can help improve your asthma symptoms. Changing your diet and avoiding allergens can greatly improve your quality of life and prevent asthma attacks.


Asthma is a condition in which the airways become narrow, swell and produce extra mucus causing difficulty breathing. Symptoms include wheezing, breathlessness, cough and tightness of the chest. There are a variety of asthma medications available, including inhaled steroids, bronchodilators, and leukotriene modifiers. These medicines can reduce inflammation, widen the airways and allow for easier breathing.

When using Asthalin inhaler, shake the canister well before each use. Inhale deeply, holding the medicine in your lungs for at least 30 seconds after each puff and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat the inhalation process for the number of puffs prescribed by your doctor. Do not use more than recommended.

To get the most benefit from ASTHALIN INHALER, make sure you take it daily and do not miss doses. Follow the instructions in the enclosed leaflet carefully.

If you need to use your quick-relief inhaler more often than usual, talk to your doctor. You may need a change in your long-term control medication or a different dose of your quick-relief inhaler.

To help you remember to take your preventer medication, consider creating a reminder system or putting a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. Using a spacer or valved holding chamber with your inhaler may increase the amount of medication that reaches the lungs.

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