How to Use AI for Affordable Web Design?

Are you tired of shelling out hefty sums for web design services? Wondering if there’s a smarter, more cost-effective solution out there? Enter the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where innovation meets affordability in the world of web design. If you’ve ever pondered whether industry experts are leveraging AI to revolutionise their craft, you’re not alone. 


Yes, they do! But how?


From its inception to its integration into the creative process, we will explore how affordable web designers in Melbourne harness AI’s prowess and their sentiments toward this game-changing technology. So, get ready to unlock the secrets of AI!


The Extent of AI Use in Web Design


According to research from HubSpot Blogs, a staggering 93% of web designers have used AI tools or technology to aid in web design tasks within the past three months. This confirms that web designers are indeed leveraging AI. This adoption reflects the industry’s recognition of AI’s potential to streamline mundane tasks and serve as a wellspring of inspiration and information at the project’s outset. 


Interestingly, the remaining 7% either haven’t utilised AI recently or are uncertain, showcasing a widespread acceptance of this cutting-edge technology among affordable web designers in Melbourne.


What Is An Effective AI Website Design Tool? 


First and foremost, web designers in Melbourne prioritise user-friendliness and adaptability. So, you can also opt for tools that are easy to grasp and integrate into your workflow seamlessly, ensuring they enhance efficiency rather than hinder it. Additionally, consider the cost factor; while numerous website design tools are available for free or at reasonable prices, investing a significant portion of your budget warrants careful consideration.  


Once your content strategy is in place, shift focus towards crafting an engaging website that mirrors your brand’s essence. Explore AI tools designed specifically for website optimisation, ensuring they simplify tasks and expedite the design process. Should your current tool fall short, it’s prudent to explore alternative options.


Best AI Tools to Try


1. Uizard:


Uizard stands out as an exceptional choice for those in search of AI-driven website design tools. Notably beginner-friendly, Uizard simplifies the creation of UIs, apps, or websites with its AI-powered Design Assistant. What sets Uizard apart is its equal emphasis on functionality and design. Whether translating hand-drawn concepts into digital formats swiftly or drawing inspiration from its repository of pre-existing interfaces, Uizard’s AI tailors UX designs uniquely to your brand. 


Moreover, its text assistant facilitates the creation of subheadings, titles, and CTA text, while allowing seamless integration of existing design assets for brand consistency. Additionally, Uizard offers an attention heat map feature, providing insights into visitor engagement patterns. That is why it’s become a popular choice among affordable web designers in Melbourne.


2. Fontjoy:


Fontjoy emerges as a valuable tool for web designers in Melbourne due to its effortless font pairing. Leveraging deep learning technology, Fontjoy generates visually captivating font combinations with remarkable ease of use.  


Once you find a preferred font, you can lock it or utilise the edit function to manually experiment with different font combinations. Furthermore, Fontjoy enables users to customise text and preview their organisation’s name in various fonts. Even if you already have a preferred font, Fontjoy aids in identifying complementary options to enhance your design. Notably, Fontjoy offers accessibility-friendly features, including the ability to toggle between high and low contrast, providing a clearer preview of font appearance on your website.


3. DALL·E 2:


Introducing DALL·E 2, a product developed by OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. With this AI system, you can effortlessly generate lifelike imagery from textual descriptions. Notably, DALL·E 2 produces original imagery, lending an authentic touch to your website. This updated version offers images with four times greater resolution than its predecessor, launched in 2021. Beyond image generation, DALL·E 2 facilitates outpainting to expand images beyond their original scope and inpainting for realistic photo editing. Moreover, the tool enables the creation of image variations in diverse styles. Noteworthy is OpenAI’s emphasis on safety with DALL·E 2, ensuring the generated images align with appropriate standards.


4. Hostinger AI Website Builder:


Hostinger AI Website Builder revolutionises website creation through AI technology. This intuitive, no-code platform caters to all website owners, enabling instant website creation with built-in eCommerce features and SEO tools. The AI website builder analyses user preferences and requirements to generate personalised website templates. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly customise layouts, colours, fonts, and content to align with their brand. 


What sets this tool apart is its continuous evolution, learning from user interactions and staying updated with the latest design trends, ensuring your website remains ahead of the curve.


5. AppyPie:


AppyPie emerges as an ideal solution for web designers seeking a no-code AI platform. With AppyPie, users can swiftly and effectively create websites or mobile applications while streamlining workflows. The platform offers a range of design tools to simplify the website creation process. Noteworthy features include an AI text-to-image generator and photo enhancer alongside an avatar, animation, music, video, and voice generator. The platform’s versatility leaves little to be desired. Notably, users can commence their journey for free, with a limit of four monthly projects, and subsequently opt for a premium subscription for unlimited access.


Final Word:


Use AI website design tools to kickstart your website creation journey. Now armed with insights into standout tools, you’re equipped to dive into designing your site today. For further guidance, contact Make My Website, where you have access to highly skilled but affordable web designers in Melbourne. 


Good luck with your design adventure!

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