Top Hedge Trimming Techniques for Perfectly Manicured Hedges

As we give ourselves a regular touch-up to look presentable similarly our gardens also require time to time touch ups to look beautiful.

The hedges are structured to give an attractive and wonderful look to a garden. The beauty and value of any property is elevated due to the plantation of hedges. However, like any other plant they also need to be trimmed regularly to keep them in good shape. Therefore, in this article we will discuss hedge trimming techniquesso that you can maintain your garden efficiently with electric hedge trimmer.

How can I achieve perfectly manicured hedges in my garden?

When you prune the hedges in your garden you must follow these steps to achieve perfectly manicured hedges:

  • Shearing and hand pruning: You can use shears, hand held pruners, long scissors like blades to remove extra branches and to make the hedges neat.
  • Among the top hedge trimming methods shearing from bottom to top is the significant one. When left untreated, the hedges begin to grow wide at the top as they receive more sunlight there.
  • The right shape of the hedge is somewhat wider at the bottom narrower at the top even if its round, flat or pointed at the top.
  • Next, for a perfectly manicured hedge, you must decide how high or wide hedge you require. Usually, 3 feet width is considered ideal as it is at the eyes’ length and easy to maintain otherwise, you’ll need to climb a ladder for maintenance.
  • Lastly, know your aim, whether you want privacy plants or hedges for decoration, as hedges are 6 to 8 feet high on the other hand privacy plants can be   30 feet tall.

These are a few professional hedge trimming tips for ones who maintain the hedges as their profession:

  • Get knowledge regarding the shape of the hedge
  • Consider taking measurements
  • Cut from bottom to top
  • Use personal protective equipment

How can I protect myself during hedge trimming?

Cutting or setting the hedges can be a risky job at times as the sharp branches fly in different directions and also the dust and debris can hurt your eyes.

So, whenever your are dealing with tools you must use personal protective equipment, let’s have a look at them in detail:

Gloves: Gloves are a wonderful way to protect one’s self as you can use your hand to pull out stubborn branches and protects you again thorns.

Eyewear: Wearing an eyewear can protect you from small pieces of branches accidently hurting your eyes.

Long sleeved jacket: While maintaining the hedges, you might hurt your arms. Therefore, wearing long sleeves can be a safety against cuts and bruises.

Chainsaw boots: If you’re dealing with hedges of plants that are heighted and you need to climb the ladder, it is better to wear anti slip shoes or boots to prevent accident.

Face mask: It is a great helper to protect yourself from insects and dust entering your mouth.

What are the hedge maintenance tips?

  1. Make your hedge thick and dense as along with looking beautiful it can be a good home for several birds.
  2. Cut the hedge when it’s the right time and do not rush to cut it often and be careful during bird breeding season.
  3. While cutting, be careful regarding the fruit bearing plants and let them grow to maturity.
  4. Rejuvenate your hedge when you feel that it has become open from the base.

Importance of growing hedges:

The hedges work as a fancy boundary of your garden and also it makes a wonderful habitat for animals and birds.

The maintenance of a hedge is not very difficult but it requires proper knowledge and patience to achieve a lovely hedge.

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