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Top Paving Contractors In Reno To Watch In 2024 

Numerous paving companies may be found in Reno, Nevada, which is well-known for its thriving economy, breathtaking scenery, and varied culture.  

The city’s infrastructure is greatly influenced by these businesses, which make sure that both locals and tourists enjoy pleasant roads, parking spaces, and walkways.  

Looking ahead to 2024, a few Reno paving companies stand out for their dedication to quality, innovation, and client happiness.  

This year, as they continue to set the standard for quality, let’s take a closer look at the best paving contractors in Reno in this article. 

1 A.C. Moate 

A. C. Moate is the leading figure in the paving industry in Reno and is famous for his skills in the construction and maintenance of asphalt. 

Over the last thirty years, their clients have established them as a reliable and authentic paving contractor, from which they have built a great reputation for themselves, making them one of the most credible paving contractors Reno has to offer. 

Likewise, the company caters to a variety of services, such as asphalt paving and petroleum pavement, that are applicable to both residential and commercial clients and are dealt with professionally with high levels of professionalism. 

The defining characteristic of these architectural firms is their commitment to flawlessness at every project stage, from meticulous planning to faultless execution. 

Through the modification of Reno’s framework, A. C. Moate will still be a strong supporter in achieving the progress within 2024. 

2. Western Nevada Materials 

Western Nevada Materials has become a key player in Reno’s paving industry and is known for its commitment to innovation and reliability.  

Just as an example, the company provides you with different services regarding paving; we are talking about asphalt paving, milling, and patching, both for personal and business projects.  

Western Nevada Materials stands out with its investment in advanced technology like laser-assisted machines and the use of recycled materials, which improves their process and reduces waste.  

Western Nevada Materials, with a philosophy of continuous improvement, is in a perfect position to make a big step in the Renos’ paving industry in 2024 and beyond. 

3. Sierra Nevada Construction 

Sierra Nevada Paving is clearly a pioneer company in Reno in terms of paving activities, not only because of the innovative approach to doing this work but also for paying attention to environmental issues.  

Their portfolios cover commercial and residential projects with concrete paving, grading, and site development services as their areas of specialization. The thing that makes them different is their unrelenting dedication to environmental protection; they even use eco-friendly materials in their operations.  

This dedication takes into consideration the environment, and it makes our company a champion in building sustainable infrastructure. As they continue to innovate, Sierra Nevada Construction is fully aware that they are the driving force behind Reno’s goal of a better urban landscape. 

4. Q&D Construction 

Q&D Construction is the embodiment of versatility and excellence in Reno’s construction scene, especially in paving services. From the more complex urban design to highway building, they demonstrate that they can handle various paving difficulties tactfully.  

An important feature that Q&D Construction is focusing on is its collaborative attitude, particularly having its clients in mind to ensure that the solutions the Q&D Construction provides are specifically customized to meet their unique needs and specifications.  

Q&D Construction’s customer-centric approach and the company’s determination to quality and efficiency make it a trusted partner in Reno’s infrastructure development.  

With the persistence of urbanization trends, Q&D Construction is standing steadfast in continuing to innovate the paving industry for 2024 and the coming years. 

5. Silver State Rock Products 

Silver State Rock Products has earned its reputation of being a top seller of the aggregates of the best quality paving products in Reno.  

Their wide range of products, which includes crushed stone, asphalt, and decorative aggregates, as well as their excellent customer service, makes them a first choice for paving contractors in the area.  

What is unique about Silver State Rock Products is the sheer persistence with which they supply consistent, high-quality, and timely delivery, meaning that no paving project can take too long on the part of contractors.  

For the construction industry of Reno, Silver State Rock Products’ capacity and skills to meet the requirements endow them with a critical role for reliable construction in 2024 and the coming years. 

6. Reno Paving Company 

Reno Paving Company, which has been in business for over four decades, is among the city’s most revered foundation advancement support pillars. The organization has a long history in the field of black-top clearing, sealcoating, and asphalt support and is known to be truly outstanding in the business.  

The combination of their experienced crews and modern equipment ensures the unrivaled quality of every project in terms of its initial essence.  

The high level of excellence Reno Paving Company adheres to is visible in its attention to detail, adherence to schedule, and commitment to customer satisfaction.  

Reno Paving Company is still one of the most respected names in the industry and has been shaping the city’s landscape for many years as it sets new standards of craftsmanship. 


The paving contractors listed above are at the forefront of the Reno paving market, each contributing unique talents and cutting-edge ideas.  

These businesses act as examples of excellence as we negotiate the possibilities and difficulties that 2024 brings, reshaping the city’s infrastructure for future generations.  

Through innovative technology, ecological practices, or unwavering workmanship, they persist in laying the foundation for a more promising and seamless future for Reno. 

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